About Our Coins

Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins are fun, inexpensive, collectible coins minted as a tribute to the new bitcoin e-currency. (They’re also geeky-cool fashion accessories for your favorite penny loafers!)

While most Bitcoin Penny™ products are relatively inexpensive and designed to bang around all day in your front jeans pocket, waiting to be employed as a clever icebreaker when introducing someone to the new bitcoin technology, we do offer a few highly collectible products for our more serious crypto-collectible enthusiasts.

As the Bitcoin Penny™ name implies, our products pay homage to that little, inconspicuous coin in all our pockets—the one coin we're happy to pick up on the street for an extra bit of good luck—the penny. And in doing so, our products offer many of the same charming characteristics as the beloved penny. Some of those characteristics are obvious, such as its small size or its copper composition. And some of the characteristics are more subtle, such as those small letters minted below the date on the fronts of all our coins. (Read about those letters in our FAQs.)

We've even incorporated the classic hobby of coinroll hunting into many of our more popular Bitcoin Penny™ products. (Read about coinroll hunting in our FAQs.)

All of these carefully crafted details (and many, many more) are what have made Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins such a wonderful success within the bitcoin community! And with your support, we hope to continue that success well into the future!

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